We carefully shift the mineral rich water from the natural source and transform it to Best packaged pure drinking water, after undergoing the certified process through our updated presence of state of the art technology.

We assure you the safest Packaged drinking water, as we always adhere to the best purification system.


Sense the utmost purity in World’s tastiest drinking water.

Since 2015, we promised to deliver purest Packaged drinking water to enhance sustainable quality life. Our reputation in eco friendly processing and packaging solutions deliberately provides top notch packaged drinking water.

People who concentrates on healthy living opt our products due to it’s excellence in purity, non toxic packaging, cost effective price, on time delivery and hence our exceeding reputation are often applauded.

Our renowned packaged drinking water is recognized for it’s industry advanced technology to purify the water from natural source. Every process is cautiously tested on each quality assurance parameters and then delivered to the customers. Our specialists with their professional expertise continuously monitor every aspect from filtration to disinfection process ensuring high standards of certified quality Packaged Drinking water.

We have carefully built and developed the state of the art water purification plant with fine precision and filtration technology. According to the government norms, we utilize the right quality assured material for packing and sealing the bottles and cans. We support our client requirements and design respective their needs of various stipulations in the form of varied dimensions.


We carefully shift the mineral rich water from the natural source ground water and transform it to pure packaged drinking water, after undergoing the certified reverse osmosis process through our updated presence of state of the art technology.

Why BLU ?

  • Safest packaged option to drink the world second tastiest water (siruvani)
  • Prioritized implementation with quality food and beverage grade
  • Tested and Sealed pure Packaged drinking water in a certified transparent CAN
  • Comfort of door step delivery option (20 liters) with no additional cost
  • Primarily concentrated for storing water without Odor smell or foul taste
  • Assured Aqua Aarey shelf life of 30 days from the sealed date
  • Customised individual carry cans (20 ltrs, 2 Ltrs, 1 ltr, 500ml, 300ml) for travel, corporate meetings or organised functions
  • Support stand to place 20 litres Water Can to install in common places
  • Best ideal solution for corporate offices, restaurants, shopping malls, banks and       institutions, airlines, wedding halls, residential use, etc
  • On time delivery support system to cater your timely requirement

Our Advantages

  • Carefully PET bottled in a food grade 20       LTR transparent jar that ensures odorless       water and no foul taste
  • Comfort of 20 LTR delivery at your       doorstep at no extra cost
  • Aqua Aarey shelf life for 20 LTR jar is 30       days from the date of manufacturing
  • Ideal for corporate offices, restaurants,   shopping malls, banks & institutions,     airlines, marriage halls, residential use etc.