At Blu, we carefully source each drop and purify it rigorously following the five steps of purification. We carefully monitor every parameter to provide you the ultimate safe and best packaged drinking water. Our each step certified quality process will ensure your healthy hydration.

Purification Process

Source water

We established our plant in an unpolluted ground. We purposely undergo careful observation to source the unpolluted water from the ground. We prioritise nature before beginning with our purification steps and fortunately our ground water is rich in natural minerals to cater our healthy requirement.

Initial ozonisation

Filtered ground water is sent to the initial ozonisation process, where ozone gas is passed to prevent harmful elements. With its strong oxidative and dis infective nature, ozone gas is the best choice among other alternatives to purify the drinking water. This step is the initial ozonisation.

Pre filtration

We follow double filtration with the usage of sand filter and carbon filter. The sand filer is used to remove every suspended particles. The carbon filter is used to remove the presence of ozone, chlorine, iodine, pesticides and any odour. These processes also filters the presence of organic matter.

Reverse osmosis

The double filtered water is then sent to the reverse osmosis process to remove excess quantity of salts, sugars, minerals, bacteria, proteins. The high pressure avoids te impurities that may contain dissolved ionic material. The permeated water in this step purifies it the most.

Micron Filtration

The Drinking water from the reverse osmosis might contain excess particles. These are removed by following the double filtration process again. These filters can remove the organic matter to the size of 1 micron and then reduced to 0.5 micron. The particles escaped earlier are completely arrested in this step.

Final Ozonisation

The final step of ozonisation prevents environmental contamination. The presence of ozone in the final process ensures the shelf life maintenance and also promises sterility. The processed water is then sent to the packaging and sealing step where the product quality is assured

Product and Packaging

We use quality plastic materials to manufacture our cans since we believe the water content in the bottle excels it's shelf life when it is stored in the right cans. Our cans are upto the required standards. Also, our water bottles and cans are also certified to assure your safe and best packaged drinking water solution.